America, Stop Putting Me in a Box

Dear America,

I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to reach out in regards to your repeated attempts to put myself, as well as my peers in a box. To you, we are either red or blue, left or right, when really deep down, I myself, feel very purple.

Some people are green, but I feel purple. I am what happens when you mix the blue with the red.

How out dated are we as a party system? In fact, the last time there was a big change in political parties was in 1828, when Andrew Jackson created the Democratic Party, following shortly by the creation of the GOP. I mean the GOP literally stands for the GRAND OLD PARTY. OLD is in the name. Synonyms for OLD- outdated, elderly, aged, senior, past, previous, earlier.

We think of the ideas now of Abraham Lincoln to be that of our modern day democrats, but he was actually the United States very FIRST Republican President.

Just as the synonyms suggest, we are living in the past. Just what has happened since Andrew Jackson created the Democratic Party? Well we’ve abolished slavery, women gained the right to vote, African Americans gained the right to vote, we can drink alcohol, we put men in space and later walked on the moon, we have embraced the media age starting with the Golden Age stars like Vivan Leigh into modern day beauties like Blake Lively. Some states have legalized marijuana, in some states, and gotten on the ballot in most. We can instantly connect with people all over the WORLD with the internet, while staying socially connected with our friends and family.

Our country has changed A LOT since 1828, so why hasn’t are party system? Some would argued it has evolved, which is true. But if by “evolve” you mean trading and swapping stance on the same subjects, then yes, we’ve “evolved”.

Also, America, please stop calling the melinninal generation, my generation, lazy. We need the encouragement of our forefathers to continue the American dream for future generations,. Those grandchildren you love so much will be forever great-full.

Beyond that, we are not a lazy generation. We have grown up in a digital world. A world that was created for us by a former generation. We were raised this way. So if you are pointing fingers at someone please turn those pointers around. Actually, in an article written for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Schoolmaster Christopher A. Brueninsgen.writes:

As a life-long teacher and school administrator, I can say with confidence that this generation of students is the best I’ve worked with in my 20-year career. It remains to be seen if their talent and optimism will allow them to guide our country towards a brighter future than what older Americans predict for them, but if the future for today’s youth is bleak, you wouldn’t know it by talking to them.

A study released last year by the Pew Research Center of the 18- to 29-year-old Millennial generation found that this group is probably the best educated in American history. The analysis included Census statistics showing that 40 percent of those aged 18-24 were in college in 2008, a higher percentage than in any previous generation, and comparisons of Millennials with other generations based on more than 20 years of Pew attitude surveys. The conclusion: Millennials are confident, upbeat and open to change.

In fact, here is a list, compiled by The Impact News ( of the top ten most influential millennials:

10 Most Influential Millennials

They are called lazy, narcissistic, entitled 20 somethings. The older generations don’t understand their lifestyles. Nevertheless, Millennials are the largest and most educated generation among all the rest. Here are 10 famous faces that make up the 80 Million future leaders of tomorrow.

10. Lena Dunham

She is the Director/Writer/Actress on the HBO show “Girls.” An American filmmaker, who directed and produced independent films.

9. David Karp

The Founder and Creator of the Social Media site Tumblr.

8. Jennifer Lawrence

“The girl on fire” Lawrence is the 23-year-old Academy Award winning actress who has been in numerous films such as “The Hunger Games”, “Silver linings Playbook”, and “American Hustle.”

7. Karen Russell

A Novelist who was awarded a Pulitzer for her novel Swamplandia. A story about Florida’s Alligator Wrestlers.

6.Lionel Messi

An Argentina Football player who celebrated making 66 goals and 83 Champions leagues appearances.

5. Adele

An English Singer & Song Writer, Adele put out her first album when she was 19 and her second album, which took off her career at age 22.

4. Frank Ocean

R&B Singer, Frank Ocean received accolades for writing about his personal life in song and in public.

3. Mark Zuckerberg

The man behind the Social Network “Facebook.” His is the co-Founder of Facebook, and boy does he “like” it.

2.Sandra Fluke

An American Attorney and Women’s Activist who was prohibited by the Congressional Republican Party to testify women’s rights as in birth control. She was not going to let an all men panel get in her way.

1. Malala Yousafzai

A 15-year-old who stood up to education and the radical terrorists who shot at her. She survived and now is an educational activist.

I, myself, work 40-60 hours a week and I am a full time mommy and wife. My husband also works 40-6o hours a week and is a full time dad and husband. Lazy is not an option for us, because like those before we are chasing the American Dream. The American Dream has never died. The American Connection has. We are fragmented and disconnected from not only one another, but who we are. Most Americans I spoke with about the most recent election said of the parties, “I am picking who I think is going to do the least damage”. I myself sat after filling out my entire ballot, for about ten minutes, deciding which of the “lesser evils” I was going to pick.

As American’s, we deserve better. However, we are somewhat to blame because we continue to accept that this is all we have.  I don’t have all the answers as to how we can change an outdated government system to fit our current feelings and lives. I do know that the first thing is to start talking about it. So if you feel like you are being put in a box, or if you are accepting a party because it is “the lesser of two evils”, share this blog! Write your own blog! We are only as strong as our voices and collectively, we can start change. Any suggestions or comments welcomed!


Warmest Regards,

Girl in the Magic City




2 thoughts on “America, Stop Putting Me in a Box

  1. Good read! As a 40 year old, I have been guilty of making comments about millennials, but it’s probably due to the ones I interact with on a daily basis. I also completely agree about our outdated 2 party system. I wrote in my vote for President because I knew in our state, it would go Red as soon as the polls closed. We definitely need a new system. Maybe you millennials will be the ones to fix it.

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