This week I was fortunate enough to meet the guys from the up and coming country group LanCo! (Have I said before how awesome my job is… yes?) Brandon Lancaster , Tripp Howell , Eric Steedly , Jared Hampton and Chandler Baldwin made a visit to the WZZK studios and did a little mini acoustic set for us, and I was blown away.

They had guitars (obvs), banjos, mandolins, tambourines and even a drummer who played a pretty bad a** suitcase! They were unplugged and on-point. Their harmonies were tight and their songs, OH their songs. I haven’t been able to get Trouble Maker and Long Live Tonight out of my head all week. I have played them on my iTunes on repeat over and over again. Aside from their musicality, they had an awesome presence about them. All of them very engaged in what they were doing. Brandon, the lead singer, would get so into the music he would dance around. This is a group of super talented guys, and I know one day I will see them on a big stage somewhere and say “I remember when I got to meet them”!

How blessed am I to work in this business? Super, super blessed! Check out the video below! Go to iTunes and download all of their songs NOW! You will be happy you did!





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