Birmingham’s New Station



This is not an April Fools JOKE! Birmingham now has a new Hot Adult Contemporary station 97.3 FM, PLAY and yours truly is very excited to be a part of it. What is Hot AC? It has been defined as being hits from today all the way back to the year 2000!  Can you believe that was 16 years ago? How many great hits have come and gone since then?

It is basically like a Pandora on your radio dial! Right now, for the launch, we are playing 10,000 songs commercial free. 97.3 PLAY doesn’t play the guessing game; nothing but HITS ALL DAY! We’ve done market testing for over a year and this what the listeners in Birmingham want! So when you are tired of the same old thing on the radio and want something new to listen to why stuck in traffic on 280, i65, i20, or really any where else in Birmingham (traffic’s the worst), be sure to give it a try!


Get a feel for the station here:

Happy April Fools Day!



Girl in the Magic City

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