Turning 30

So, I have to admit. I was really, really dreading turning thirty and leaving my roaring twenties behind me. For months my different people kept reminding me that I was, in fact, going to be thirty in a short time. I felt like I was the living, breathing, walking version of “Dust in the Wind”… until someone reminded me that thirty is the new twenty. Which made me feel better… a little.

I made my grand entry into the world on March 4th, 1986 (Side note, I had no idea that I was older than Lady Gaga!?). Being the Pisces that I am, I decided that I wouldn’t frown because I am getting older but celebrate the life that I’ve lived. The life that I get to continue to live.

I started planning THE party a month before my birthday.  I was determined to make this event everything I ever wanted. Guest list of family and friends, check! Specially designed invitations, check! Flower arrangements, including my favorite flowers, pink hydrangeas and pink daisies, check! A two tiered cake, check! A venue, check! A pre-party dinner reserved at one my favorite restaurants in Birmingham, check!  Drink tickets for my family and friends and catered food, check!  I wanted to celebrate and boy did we ever!

As the day grew closer, I wasn’t focused on turning 30 anymore. I was focused on making sure everything for my party was perfect. As time ticked closer I was so nervous. Not because of the party. I love parties, events, and planning them. That has never made me nervous. I was nervous because that little thought in the back of my head kept creeping up…I am not in my twenties anymore. That meant I was a “real” grown up. Despite the fact I’d been a grown up for quite sometime. I am married with a daughter who is five. I was a grown up the day she was born at 25. It just seemed more real. Why is that?

I kept thinking about it the day of my party and the days after. It is one of the reasons that it has taken me so long to post about it. I could not figure out why growing older was supposed to be dreadful. I don’t think men feel this way. I don’t think men hear “Oh, you are about to be 30, you old man”! People are almost eager to remind a woman that she is aging; as if an aging woman is some how less valuable. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that our society really tries, at almost every opportunity, to chip away at a woman’s value or how she value’s herself.

Well, I am 30.  I feel the same I did at 25. I am still a mommy and a wife. I am wiser. I make better decisions (most of the time).  I am still alive. To me, any birthday is a gift. Because we get to live. So many people die young, and so many experiences are denied to those people. My husband jokes that having a birthday is better than the alternate, and he’s right.  So I will live my life and be happy for every age and milestone I get to experience.

My party was so fantastic! I had my family, friends from high school, friends from college, friends from work, and friends I’ve acquired while living in Birmingham. While I was there, amidst all of the fun that was being had, I took a moment to really be thankful for turning 30. I was thankful to be able to have a party where I got to celebrate with the people that mean the world to me. I felt so much love. If you were there and are reading this post, please know it meant the world to me that I got to celebrate turning 30 with you!  Thanks to all the vendors that helped make it happen. A special thanks to Birmingham Mountain Radio for helping make my party even grander than I could have ever imagined.

*Flowers* Davis Wholesale Florist (I made the arrangements with blue mason jars I already had).

*Cake* Publix Bakery (Side note – I always spent tons of money on bakery cakes and found that Publix makes cakes that look and taste just as good, at half the cost!)

*Dinner* Five Point Public Oyster House

*Venue* Pale Eddies – 2nd Ave North

*Catered Food* Rogue Tavern – 2nd Ave North (Ashley Briscoe is amazing and she helped me so much!)

Pictures below!


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