So far in 2016

So, I haven’t done very well at keeping up my blog! I have been blessed to be extremely busy in the radio business and digital realm. I wanted to share the cool things that have happened so far with my different stations.

On 104.7 WZZK we have changed up our Downtown After Sundown Concert Series, hosted by Rogue Tavern and sponsored by Budweiser, for 2016. If you are familiar with the series, you know that we typically have a six week series in the spring and a six week series in the fall. Our promotional team decided this year to do at least one  a month (this month there are TWO)! This was a fantastic move on part of our promotional team, because the momentum never dies and we are able to get some really great acts to come in and play free shows for a great cause. So far this year we have had Canaan Smith, Drake White, Lindsay Ell, Michael Ray and TONIGHT we have Easton Corbin.

Also, I got to take my client Jacksonville State University for a Golden Ticket Seat take over at the Rick and Bubba Studios. We had Cocky there (JSU’s mascot) and it was so much fun. The President of the University got to spin the infamous Wheel of Meat and it made for great radio! (Pictures of events posted at the bottom!)

On 107.3 Birmingham Mountain Radiowe have also had several different events going on that I have gotten to be a part of creating. We have had a monthly BMR hosted Happy Hour at Five Point Oyster with a live broadcast from the Tap Table. We have also hosted a Taste of Birmingham Brews at The J. Clyde! At the last The J. Clyde event, we had surprise radio guest, Saint Paul and the Broke Bones!  If you haven’t come to one of these events, please do! It is a great way to eat and drink with some really cool people from BMR. Our next time BMR Happy Hour at Five Point Oyster is March 30th, 2016. Our net Taste of Birmingham Brews is March 23rd, 2016! I would love to meet you there!

We also had the Winter Carnival with Rogue Tavern. This was a second year event that was very well received. We featured local and regional acts that are up and coming. My favorite of all the performers that we had was a girl named Raquel Lily. Check out her song “Play that Song” on iTunes. It is amazing and you will play it over and over again!  (Pictures of events posted at the bottom!)

I am sure I am leaving off something! It has been a whirlwind already this year! With so many different and awesome things going on, it’s hard for this girl to keep up with all of that and my blog! However, I got some really good advice from the lady who inspired me to do the blog, so I think I will be better at it now.

I hope to see you out in the city!


♥Girl in the Magic City♥



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