I Love Birmingham

The Birmingham Skyline
The Magic City
Birmingham, Alabama

I am so excited to be publishing my first post on my new blog. I have to give a shout out to my friend Jennifer who put the idea in my head. So, who am I and why in the world would you care what I am doing?

Well, actually I have a pretty awesome job. It’s not bragging when it’s true. I work for seven radio stations in the Birmingham Market. What stations? I am glad you asked!


  • 104.7 WZZK – Birmingham’s Best Country and the heritage country station for Bham (Rick and Bubba in the morning, Chappel, Craig Allen and Davey)
  • 106.9 WBPT- Birmingham’s Eagle and best classic rock station (Lisa Mason, Mark and Ricky Aaron)
  • 107.3- WEZZ HD 2 – Birmingham Mountain Radio (Reg’s Morning Blend, Dru, John D, and  Oh Brother Radio with Will and Reed Lochamy)
  • 97.3 WEZZ- Birmingham’s EASY listening station
  • 95.7 WBHJ – JAMZ Birmingham’s number one hip hop station (and number one station overall in the market- Rickey Smiley in the morning, NU York and D Stone)
  • 98.7 WBHK- KISS Birmingham’s number one classic soul and R&B (Tom Joyner in the morning, ISIS Jones, Daryl Johnson)
  • 102.1/910 AM WAGG- Gospel station


Get all that? Ok, so now you may be wondering what I do for these stations. I build and sale marketing campaigns and events to advertisers using the power of these stations to execute those plans. It is one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had. It is hard work and it is  consistently high stress, with ever revolving deadlines. Even still, it is the funnest job I’ve ever had and continues to create a stream of endless opportunity for me. For the past two years I’ve had some amazing experiences that I wish I would have documented.

This blog will be more like a public journal. Where I can record my events and share them with the world. It is my hopes that my blog will shed some light on all of the AMAZING changes and growth that is happening in the Magic City of Birmingham.



Girl in the Magic City

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